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Your Morning Ritual Can Be a Time for Healing.

Here are some of the healing practices I use during my sacred morning pause to restore- Mind, Body, and Spirit.

#PourinHappiness with Kam's Morning Ritual

Chose one or all of these practices to perform as your sacred ritual.

  1. Sage myself and my home

  2. Set my intention - Energized with a crystal, affirmation, and prayer.

  3. Make a cup of tea - Combining the ingredients for tea is a sacred ceremony to reinforce my intentions for the day.

  4. Meditation or contemplation- while sitting still, drinking tea, or walking in nature.

  5. Move my body- Restore energy with: Yoga or a Nature walk ; Release energy with: High intensity exercise, Dancing in the mirror.

  6. Journal - Hold space to process questions, feelings, and thoughts that arise during your morning routine.

It is time to hold space for ourselves. What better time than when we start our day. Your morning ritual serves as the time when you set your heart on what you want your day to be. Before you give yourself to the world, be present with yourself so that you can walk with intention, clarity, and confidence in your path. When obstacles arise you can respond from a place of awareness and alignment.

So, grab your journal, a warm cup of tea, and sit with your self. Give yourself permission to chart your own course. Trust that you know what you need. Enjoy your sweet spots!

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