This triple blend bundle is meant to deeply nourish the body along all stages of your daily journey!



Glow for nourishment that rejuvenates to reflect a glow from the inside out

Lullaby for rest and relaxation (promotes restful sleep)

Self-Love Goddess for womb nourishment





You have so much to consider on a daily basis.  These blends detox and  nourish the body to help you give your mind, body and spirit a blissful moment of self-care.  


  • These blends are caffeine free and can be enjoyed hot or cold and with or without added sweetners.  

    *Safe for women pregnant or breastfeeding. 

    Self-Love Goddess

    ~Rooibos~Hibiscus~Raspberry leaf ~ Lavender, Rose hips, Dandelion Root, Ginger


    ~Rooibos ~Cardamom ~Ashwagandha root~ Orange peel ~Chamomile ~Lavender ~Peppermint ~Dandelion root ~Nettle leaf ~Agrimony herb ~ Stevia leaf~


    ~Rooibos ~Hibiscus ~Lemon peel ~Rose hip ~Raspberry leaf ~Chamomile ~Ginger ~Marigold (Calendula) ~Agrimony herb ~ Orange peel ~