Your daily pause is your sacred time. 


Are you ready to dive into an intentional commitment to your own daily pause?


Sacred Pause: 22 Day Meditation + Journal is a guide to support you in a journey of exploration through self- reflection, self-awareness, participating in your own healing.  


You ever feel these nudges within to do something? This pull may come through consistent thoughts, sensations in your body, or physical experiences that land you in the most “coincidental” moments?


If you are ready to answer your body’s call and prioritize your healing, join in on this movement to shift the status quo and make rest your rebellion with this Sacred Pause: 22 Days of Meditation and Journaling journey.   



Work to:

-Deepen your intuition through self-reflection and self-awareness  

-Jumpstart a daily practice of rest and self - exploration 


-Design your own sacred routine honoring your time , energy, and personal values. 


In this guide you will receive: 


  • Guidance on setting up your sacred space 
  • 22 Days of Affirmations and Journal prompts 
  • 22 Days of Guided Meditations on YouTube  
  • A 22 Day Reflection Journal with Bonus Affirmations
  • 3 Bonus Meditations within the guidebook

Sacred Pause: 22 Day Meditation + Journal Guide Ebook