This triple blend bundle is meant to deeply nourish the body along all stages of your daily journey!


Peace to nourish the body and boost your bodies healing powers.

Lullaby for rest and relaxation (promotes restful sleep)

Glow for nourishment that rejuvenates to reflect a glow from the inside out


for nourishment that rejuvenates to reflect a glow from the inside out

You have so much to consider on a daily basis.  These blends detox and  nourish the body to help you give your mind, body and spirit a blissful moment of self-care.  


  • These blends are caffeine free and can be enjoyed hot or cold and with or without added sweetners.  

    *Safe for women pregnant or breastfeeding. 



    ~Rooibos ~Cardamom ~Ashwagandha root~ Orange peel ~Chamomile ~Lavender ~Peppermint ~Dandelion root ~Nettle leaf ~Agrimony herb ~ Stevia leaf~



    ~Rooibos ~Hibiscus ~Lemon peel ~Rose hip ~Raspberry leaf ~Chamomile ~Ginger ~Marigold (Calendula) ~Agrimony herb ~ Orange peel ~



    ~Honeybush tea ~Ginger ~ Clove ~ Holy basil (tulsi) ~Cinnamon ~Cardamom ~Lemon peel ~Whole Peppercorn ~ All-spice~