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The Sacred Pause Experience

Go inward to restore and rejuvenate your energy.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 200 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Are you ready to release stagnant energy? Are you ready to feel more clarity? Are you ready to feel lighter? Ready to be more intentional with your self-care? This Sacred Pause Experience is for you! During our 90 minute session we discuss your area of focus, engage in an energy healing session, and leave with tangible steps for your journey. Our sacred time will serve as a restorative space to reconnect with your flow of positive energy and let go of the negative energy that lingers from daily encounters and life experiences. WHY THIS PAUSE? Stress and dis-ease depletes energy resources and pushes our bodies to a condition of strain. If chronic, our immune system becomes depleted and at risk for disease. Energy healing together will include an exploration of the Chakras. Chakra means wheel which refers to the spinning wheel of energy in each of the seven chakras. Chakras are areas of energy in the body that run from the spine to the top of your head. There are seven basic chakras, each with matching colors, sounds and symbols. WHAT TO EXPECT: During our session, We will recharge your energy system using movement, meditation, and naturopathic Reiki. Based on our initial discussion, a personalized experience will be curated to address the areas of focus most needed during our time together. After each session, you will receive a Sacred Session Report that will offer insights to support your continued journey. BENEFITS: Understanding the energy that we have is key to healing ourselves from within. Learn how to reconnect and elevate your natural flow of energy. Let’s examine your 8 dimensions of well-being together. - How is your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, financial, career, and environmental health?

Contact Details

  • USA

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