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3 Common Myths about starting a Healthy Lifestyle Journey

I recently sat on a panel to discuss Health & Fitness with young girls. One question asked was: “What are common myths about Health & Fitness?”

Over my last decade in my work as a holistic health coach and exercise specialist, I have heard at least one of theses myths echoed from almost all of my clients. I completely understand where each individual is coming from. Everyone is on their own unique journey with obstacles, challenges, and responsibilities that they face on a daily basis. With society pushing self-care as a luxury rather than a necessity, it is understandable that the vast majority of people are programmed to believe that you have to earn the right to care about your own well-being. This is especially true for BIPOC communities.

The good news, is that we can reprogram these misleading ideas and begin to value health and well-being as a tool for moving beyond simply surviving day by day to thriving. The first step to reprogramming, is to come face to face with the myths that govern our mindset.

Common Myths to making healthy lifestyle changes.

1.)Time : “I don’t have enough time.”

2.)Resources: “I don’t have enough money for support or equipment.”

3.)Prerequisites to start: I need to be A in order to start B. needed to have everything a certain way before you can get started.

The real is this: Every little bit counts, so whatever time you can dedicate to your self-care will be appreciated by your body. It’s ok to have space to grow. Which is also why you don’t need to be anything other than who you are in this very moment to get started. You don’t need to be more fit to start exercising or more flexible to start yoga. You also don’t need fancy clothes or equipment. Your body can be your equipment and anything that feels comfortable to move in is perfect to wear. All you need is your desire to take action.

We live in a society that pushes self-sacrifice as a badge of honor and condemns the idea of self-care being an essential part of life until we are hospital bound and breaking down. The fact is, we have the power to change how we view self-care and begin to engage with it in a different way. It begins with our mindset.

How can we begin to reprogram our mindset and address these myths?

1.) Schedule a time of day that works for your schedule. Start with the time you have and gradually increase from there. Whether it is 1-5 minutes or 20-30 minutes, every minute makes an impact.

2.) Utilize free resources. Then start a savings plan to build the funds. Opt to save $1 a day until you have what you need and make the most of the free resources you have available to you in the mean time.

3.) Meet yourself where you are. The purpose is to get better not to live up to another person‘s level of fitness or peace.

We are hear to support you! If you need help getting started on your journey of designing your own path to your health and well-being goals, connect with our resident Health Coach , Kamilah for a free 15- minute consultation.

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