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There is Power in Pause

What has your gut been pulling you towards lately?

This Summer, I took time to pause and do my own work to tap in and get into my intuition on a deeper level. As someone driven by action, taking a pause isn’t always the easiest for me. I have to continuously check myself on honoring my own time, feelings, and energy. So I chose to focus on connecting to Spirit and exploring what I need to continue my own healing. It is there that I created a shift. When we can shift our perspective and our environment with genuine intention, we can respond rather than react. We can put more love and trust in ourselves. We can be led by Spirit rather than people. Healing is not always convenient or comfortable. As I took the time to feel all my feels, I felt a beautiful shift. Conflict and confusion made way for clarity, forgiveness, and healing. There were no more battles, just being. This space of being, this sense of deeper awareness and connection, evolved from the lessons and blessings I allowed myself to see, feel, and embrace.

During my sacred pause, I decided to live completely, feel deeply, and prioritize myself while I was taking care of others. Reminding myself that I cannot continue to pour into others if I am not continuing to pour into myself. I did all the things that felt amazing and brought joy into my space. I did all my juicy self-care things, adventures I always wanted but had not made the time and even explored activities I had not done since childhood. Wholeness requires we explore and heal the whole self. There are many ways to tap into our healing and we are free to do them all as we see fit.

To deepen our trust in our own intuition we first have to ask ourselves... Am I willing to let go and trust my intuition? Am I willing to listen?  

How do we listen? Stillness.

It starts with the small tingles within. You feel it. This pull may come through consistent thoughts, sensations in your body, something you see, or physical experiences that land you in the most “coincidental” moments. Life is full of these little messages if we open ourselves up to seeing and feeling them. Life is happening around us. Each day we see how society is impacted and that in turn can have its own impact on us, or not. We learn that both joy and pain manifest in different ways- in the world and within our mind and body. The mission, if we chose to accept, is finding that sweet balance of being fully present in our mind and body while navigating the world we live in. The act of staying grounded. But first, we have to be open to being still enough to hear the messages. A shift will take time. But we are powerful, we are creators, and we are born healers. Choice of action is our power.

There are times when we may find ourselves looking outward in search of answers or understanding. This often leads to blaming and disappointment. We have an incredible internal navigation system to tap into: Our Intuition. Our intuition is insight from our own deeper consciousness. This deeper consciousness is best when it comes from our divine source, Spirit. It opens up our mind and body to our deepest needs and desires for clarity in our direction and purpose. In stillness, you deepen your intuition.

Hiking in Texas Hill Country
Which path will you choose?

Time to tap In!

Start by creating your own routine to engage in your self-care practices. Give yourself grace as you navigate the triumphs and trials Choose the time of day that feels right for your body and your schedule- morning, midday, or evening.

I chose mornings as my sacred time. I enjoy this opportunity to set the frequency for my day and protect myself from the influence of outside energy. I love the calm and quiet of the morning, it brings me so much peace and I always seem to have the best days afterwards. I use this time to pray, meditate, journal, yoga, workout or simply sit in perfect peace.  Some mornings need stillness, some mornings need action.  I allow myself to be still and listen to the flow of my body.  She tells me what she needs and I have learned to honor her requests.

Here are some of the healing practices I use during my sacred morning pause to restore- Mind, Body, and Spirit.

#PourinHappiness with Kam's Morning Ritual

Chose one or all of these practices to perform as your sacred ritual.

  1. Sage myself and my home

  2. Set my intention - Energized with a crystal, affirmation, and prayer.

  3. Make a cup of tea - Combining the ingredients for tea is a sacred ceremony to reinforce my intentions for the day.

  4. Meditation or contemplation- while sitting still, drinking tea, or walking in nature.

  5. Move my body- Restore energy with: Yoga or a Nature walk ; Release energy with: High intensity exercise, Dancing in the mirror.

  6. Journal - Hold space to process questions, feelings, and thoughts that arise during your morning routine.

It is time to hold space for ourselves. So, grab your journal, a warm cup of tea, and sit with your self. Give yourself permission to chart your own course. Trust that you know what you need. Enjoy your sweet spots!

Journal prompts to tap in!

What do you need to honor within yourself?

What self-care practices has your gut been pulling you towards lately?

How can you claim your sacred time and hold space for yourself?


Chart your course and navigate, You know-how. You know where. All you have to do is listen closely. When you do, you will understand what you need with greater clarity. Then you can move daily with confidence. You can choose who you need on your healing team with confidence. You become a participant in your own healing.

Peace & Love,


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