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Steep your perfect cup of tea

Steeping your perfect cup of tea is all about finding the blend that speak to your needs. Adding fresh water ensured that you preserve the rich nutrients in the blend without the added toxins that is often found in tap water. When you enjoy our herbal products you will see, smell, taste, and feel the richness of the moment while awakening all of your senses.

Hot Brewing:

Grab your favorite mug and add your herbal blend to your infuser, muslin bag or tea straw

Bring spring or filtered water to near boiling (180 - 212 degrees Fahrenheit)

Scoop 1 tsp of blend per 6 - 8oz of water

Let tea steep for 5-15 minutes. The longer the blend steeps the more nutrients are extracted. For blends with Green tea and/ or Elderberry steep for recommended time to reduce bitterness.

Want a second cup?

Keep the herbs and add more hot water.

Iced Tea: Add ice after steeping.

Tea as a self-care ritual:

Create sacred space and embody holistic living as your ritual of everyday life.

  • Send love and life into your water. Set your intention for the moment and the day by speaking them out loud, writing directly on the cup or sticking your intention to the outside of your cup.

  • Choose your herbal blend with the intention to sooth, restore, empower and ______ (fill in the blank).

  • If it feels good to you, add a little honey to call more sweetness into your life.

  • Sip slowly, allowing yourself to embody your intention as you feel the warmth of the tea hug your body. Carry this feeling with you into your day.

We curate with your health and well-being in mind. We invite you to look through our herbal blends, each uniquely crafted and infused with love to offer an added dose of nutrient to your daily self-care practice. Whether you are just getting started or deep in your exploration of self-healing, we have a blend to support your journey.


We love to hear from you! Use our hashtag to share your experience with the community.

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